A more Human Paradigm

There are many issues still facing digital assistant devices— privacy concerns, imprecise user experiences, etc — and we at argodesign wanted to see how addressable these remaining hurdles might be. In the process we developed the Wink concept, a more human interaction model for digital assistants theoretically bridging some of the remaining gaps and finding the right balance of personality and usability.

To illustrate the concept, I wrote and directed a series of vignettes showing a day in the life of a Wink user for a Fast Company feature. Casting employees and shooting on a small budget is always a fun challenge and it helped the assets feel unpretentious and matched the product's 'in-development' look and feel.

Role: Director, Writer, Editor
Agency: argodesign

3D Rendering of a potential product ID (Cinema 4D)

Good Morning


Guests Arrive

Setting a Mood


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Patrón TequilaBrand Anthem

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