62 Hands

Patrón Brand Anthem

“From the Jimador's hands, stained red by the Jalisco soil, to the nimble fingers of a master bartender.”

Working closely with the company’s CMO, I wrote and was the Creative Lead on this national TV spot and brand anthem for Patrón Tequila. From pitching in Dallas to shooting in Jalisco to editing in Portland, I oversaw the film from concept through delivery.

Role:  Writer, Creative Producer
Production Partner:
 Kamp Grizzly
Agency: Razorfish
Patrón Tequila


Shot on location in Jalisco, Mexico

Originally conceived as a sales & recruiting tool and digital/pre-roll asset, the quality and style of the piece, as well as the underlying message, rooted in a high-energy, deeply authentic look at the day-to-day at Hacienda Patrón and artful bartending, stoked the imagination of the entire organization and led to a new aesthetic direction for the company. Use of the video broadened quickly, eventually leading to its being adapted and re-licensed for broadcast.



Social-driven Content

Working on the Patrón Tequila account at Razorfish for over two years, I touched a wide variety of projects— from UI explorations to product videos — and some of the more fun work to come out of that was social video content.

From one-off films (like this Padma Lakshmi piece) to huge campaigns (like the annual Margarita of the Year competitions), overseeing these with production partners stretched me across writing, producing, directing, editing, and animating; flying to Jalisco for a shoot one day, and animating promotional assets in Austin the next.

My work at Razorfish changed the digital footprint and perception of the Patrón brand for millions of consumers, bartenders, and wholesalers, grounding them in authenticity and updating them for a new age of craft cocktail culture.

The Perfect Pairing with Padma Lakshmi (Art Director, Editor)

Margarita of the Year Winner's Video (Art Director, Editor)


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